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Hey there, cozy home enthusiasts! Ever wondered what makes Country Quilts and Farmhouse Quilts the go-to choice for adding that extra touch of warmth to your space? Well, buckle up because we're about to explore the charm and tradition woven into every thread of these snug companions. Plus, we'll take a closer look at the premium offerings from VHC Brands at Our Life Store.

Factors Influencing Customer Choices

Alright, let's get down to the nitty-gritty. Size matters – and for 38% of folks eyeing these quilts, it's the real deal. King-sized quilts win the popularity contest at a whopping 56%, and queens aren't far behind at 27%. Style is another game-changer, with 19% of savvy shoppers looking for that perfect vibe. Rustic or lodge style steals the show at 24%, while boho and classic farmhouse styles keep the style game strong.

Colors speak volumes, right? Well, for 13% of the color-conscious crowd, blue is the boss – chosen by 28%. Gray & silver, pink, white, ivory & cream, green, and red also make cameo appearances. Now, onto materials – 6% are keen on this, and cotton is the undisputed champion at 41%. Patterns add that extra oomph for another 6%, with floral or flower patterns taking center stage at a whopping 58%.

Life stage might not be the first thing on your mind when picking a quilt, but for 1%, it's a deal-breaker. Adults, claiming a whopping 97%, lead the charge, while 2% are on the hunt for pint-sized quilt wonders.

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Overview of Quilt Design Philosophy

Let's talk art! Crafting these snuggly wonders is an art form, and VHC Brands elevates it to a whole new level. Their quilts aren't just decorations; they're traditions steeped in heritage. Every thread spins a story crafted over centuries of American design legacy. From timeless patchwork patterns to modern solids, VHC Brands' April & Olive, Mayflower Market, and Oak & Asher quilts cater to every lifestyle décor.

VHC Brands Quilts at Our Life Store

Now, let's step into the realm of magic – aka VHC Brands at Our Life Store. These guys redefine high-end quality with a product line that spans Farmhouse Quilts to Rustic, Primitive, Country, Urban, Modern, Lodge, Cabin, and Cottage styles. With over two decades of American home-crafting experience, these quilts aren't just purchases; they're promises of durability and style.

Unique Features of VHC Brands Quilts

So, what sets VHC Brands' quilts apart from the quilt pack? Get ready for the trifecta – reversibility for a quick style switch, textured solid colors for perfect layering, and seasonal shams for that fresh vibe. The combo of cotton and polyester ensures easy care, comfort, and a quilt that laughs in the face of time.

Tradition and Heritage

VHC Brands isn't just selling quilts; they're weaving tradition into every piece. It's not just a purchase; it's an investment in history and heritage. Every thread tells a story, and each quilt is grounded in the rich tapestry of American design legacy. It's not just a cozy addition; it's a nod to a rich heritage and a snug home.

VHC Brands Product Lines

April & Olive, Mayflower Market, and Oak & Asher – remember these names. They aren't just brands; they're promises of quality and style. Whether you're into classic vibes or a more contemporary look, these product lines offer a quilt for every taste.


In the world of Country Quilts and Farmhouse Quilts, VHC Brands at Our Life Store shines as a beacon of quality, tradition, and style. Whether you're drawn to rustic charm or timeless patchwork, these quilts are more than pieces of fabric – they're a testament to rich heritage and a cozy home. Dive into the world of comfort and style with these enduring pieces from VHC Brands. Your home will thank you!

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