Is Teak Furniture Good for Outdoors

The simple answer is Yes, teak is good for outdoor furniture. But let's dive in and take a look at why teak is good for outdoor furniture and research some of the pros and cons of outdoor furniture made from teak wood.

Teak wood comes from from the tectona grands tree, which grows in tropical regions, mostly Latin America and Southeast Asia. The teak tress can grow to 100-130 feet and normally takes 20 plus years (best after 40 years) before being harvested. Due to its demand, and length to grow the trees, teak does demand a higher market price than many other woods.

tectona grands tree - teak wood tree

Teak's high natural oil content and the tight wood grain makes it one the strongest and most durable hardwoods used for outdoor furniture and other outdoor uses. It's high content of naturally occurring oils serves as a natural weatherproofing from water and resist rot and wood destroying insects that affect other hardwoods. But just as it has pros, there are also some cons to teak wood for outdoor furniture, mostly its price and its sustainability compared to it's demand.

The Pros of Outdoor Teak Furniture

Here is something to consider; Teak wood has been used in ships since the middle ages, and continues to be used today in ship and yachts. This is due to its resiliency to water, and the weather. There is a reason why it is a preferred wood for boats, which is similar to why it makes a strong and long lasting wood for outdoor furniture.

Teak Outdoor Furniture is Weather Resistant

The natural occurring oils in teak wood help it resist all types of weather. It can withstand rain, direct sunlight, or snow without cracking, warping or becoming brittle.

Not just is it weather resistant, teak furniture exposed to the sun will remain mostly warm to the touch. This means you burn your skin if using it during hot sunny days.

Teak Outdoor Furniture

Teak ages well

Teak wood furniture has a beautiful golden honey brown color that ages slowly even when exposed to the outdoors or harsh conditions. Even as it ages, it slow shows a grayish patina. The aging can be slowed down with some maintenance allowing it to see its natural colors. A light sanding and polishing can bring teak back to its natural colors.

Natural Insect repellent

Teak is one of those woods that is naturally repellent to insect which can rot, deteriorate or even eat wood. The natural oils, and tight grain pattern repels insect from damming the wood furniture. Other woods can be damage by termites or other wood damaging insect over time.

Teak furniture is low maintenance

Because of its natural oils, teak outdoor furniture does not require much maintenance. You can brush it off or use a dam cloth to wipe clean. If you want it maintain its original color longer, then consider using a natural teak sealer or teak oil rub.

The Cons of Teak wood

Primarily there not too many cons to teak furniture, other than its cost. Teak furniture will cost more than other wood furniture, there is higher demand, which drive the price higher.

We would mention the sustainability of teak trees, but there are plantations just dedicated to their growth as teak wood has been used for numerous years for manufacturing.

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