What is a Sham

When it comes to enhancing the aesthetics of your bedding ensemble, you might have come across the term "sham." But what is a pillow sham, and how does it differ from a regular pillowcase? In this comprehensive guide, we will delve into the world of shams, from their definition and uses to their sizes and decorative potential. Whether you're a bedding enthusiast or just looking to elevate your bedroom decor, understanding what a sham is can add a touch of elegance and style to your sleeping sanctuary.

What is a Sham? Unveiling the Definition

At its core, a sham is often defined as "an ornamental cover laid over a bed pillow." However, this definition merely scratches the surface of what a sham truly encompasses. A sham is not just any cover, but rather a decorative pillow case designed to transform standard-sized pillow fills into stylish accessories that adorn your bedding set.

Versatile Uses and Designs for Shams

Unlike a throw pillow, which primarily serves decorative purposes, a sham is both decorative and functional. It is meant to cover a regular pillow with a removable, decorative case. Unlike a traditional pillowcase with a side opening, shams typically have a hidden opening at the back, secured by a zipper or buttons. This design ensures that the focus remains on the decorative aspects of the sham.

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Sizes and Varieties

Pillow shams come in various sizes to accommodate different pillow sizes and bed types. The most common sizes include:

Enhancing Your Bedroom Decor

The beauty of a sham lies not only in its design but also in its versatility. While it can certainly be slept on like a regular pillowcase, shams are often used as decorative elements during the day. They are perfect for providing extra support while sitting in bed, making them ideal for reading or relaxing. Moreover, they can be layered with other pillows to create a visually appealing arrangement that adds depth and texture to your bed.

Pillow Sham vs. Pillow Case: What Sets Them Apart

While a pillowcase is primarily designed to keep the pillow clean, a pillow sham plays a distinct role in transforming the appearance of your pillow. A pillowcase usually features an open end for easy insertion and removal of the pillow, while a sham tends to have a more discreet opening at the back, keeping the focus on its decorative aspects. In essence, a pillow sham adds an aesthetic touch to your bedding, elevating its overall appeal.

Why Choose a Pillow Sham?

The question arises: What is a Sham or why should you incorporate pillow shams into your bedding decor? The answer lies in their ability to effortlessly infuse elegance, style, and personality into your bedroom. Whether you seek to tie together a color scheme, introduce a new design element, or simply provide extra support, shams are a versatile tool in achieving your decor goals.

In Conclusion

A sham is more than just an ornamental cover for a bed pillow. It is a decorative pillow case that marries aesthetics with functionality. By understanding what a sham is and its unique attributes, you can transform your bedding ensemble into a haven of style, elegance, and comfort. Whether you're lounging in bed or aiming to showcase your personal style, incorporating shams into your bedding collection is a step towards creating a truly captivating bedroom ambiance.

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