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Collection: Avani Sea Glass Collection

The Avani Sea Glass Collection by VHC Brands is a beautiful bedding collection that features a serene sea glass green color palette. This collection is perfect for creating a calming and relaxing atmosphere in any bedroom.

The Avani Sea Glass quilt is made of 100% cotton and features a soothing sea glass green color with a subtle floral pattern. The reverse side of the quilt is a solid sea glass green color. The quilt is available in several sizes, including twin, queen, and king, and is designed to provide both warmth and comfort.

The collection also includes coordinating shams, which feature the same sea glass green color and floral pattern as the quilt. The shams are available in standard, king, and euro sizes.

To complete the look of the Avani Sea Glass Bedding Collection, there are several decorative pillows available. The pillows feature different patterns and textures, including a white and sea glass green striped pillow, a sea glass green embroidered pillow, and a textured white pillow.

In addition to the bedding, the Avani Sea Glass Collection includes coordinating window treatments, such as curtains and valances. The curtains feature the same floral pattern as the quilt and shams, while the valances are solid sea glass green.

Overall, the Avani Sea Glass Bedding Collection by VHC Brands is a great choice for anyone looking for a tranquil and soothing bedding collection. With its sea glass green color palette and coordinating accessories, the Avani Sea Glass Collection is sure to create a peaceful and serene atmosphere in any bedroom.