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With over two decades of experience crafting goods for American homes, VHC Brands items are built to last for years to come.

Victorian Heart Company products and collections are styled for the American Home with a country farmhouse inspired decor touch. Vintage, Rustic and Primitive decor are some of the decorative styles VHC Brands offers.

With a plentiful selection and full of beautifully crafted design elements for your country home decor, VHCBrands is sure to offer quality home goods.

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From farmhouse and middle America home decor to Rustic and Primitive, VHC Brands Collections offer a design style for your home.
Having started as a small country store selling patchwork bedding that people loved, they slowly grew as buyers fell in love with their country style designs. Eventually the name was changed to the Victorian Heart Company, and subsequently VHCBrands emerged. 
Their focus on quality products inspired by their country home theme has evolved in large collections.

Our Life Store is proud to offer their collections and goods with free shipping.

Styles: Country Home, Farmhouse, Rustic, Vintage, Primitive