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Sawyer Mill Blue Ticking Stripe Quilt Coverlet

Sawyer Mill Blue Ticking Stripe Quilt Coverlet

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Introducing the Sawyer Mill Blue Ticking Stripe Quilt Coverlet, a sophisticated addition that harmonizes effortlessly with contemporary farmhouse aesthetics. Its elegant denim blue and soft white ticking stripes lend an air of vintage charm while maintaining a modern sensibility. Designed to seamlessly complement Sawyer Mill Blue accessories, the coverlet offers a reversible option with a solid white backing, all expertly crafted from 100% cotton.

The essence of farmhouse style lies in its unpretentious elegance, tailored for practicality. Embodying these principles, the Sawyer Mill Blue Ticking Stripe Quilt Coverlet combines denim blue and cotton white stripes, a testament to over two decades of customer satisfaction. Conceived from 100% cotton, the coverlet encapsulates a delicate balance of light blue and white patterns, abutted by a solid white reverse, making it a versatile choice for cottage-themed, vintage, modern farmhouse, and children's bedrooms. Its timeless allure perfectly complements accent and foundational pieces within the Sawyer Mill Blue Collection, ensuring enduring and harmonious decor. Maintenance is a breeze with its machine-washable feature and safe compatibility with ironing.

Key Features of the Sawyer Mill Blue Ticking Stripe Quilt Coverlet

Dimensionally Accommodating: The coverlet's adaptable sizing accommodates various mattress dimensions, enabling the realization of diverse bedroom aesthetics. Be it a casual country-style atmosphere or an upscale farmhouse ambiance, the ticking stripe design's size and aesthetic appeal cater to both. For elevated beds, consider pairing the coverlet with the matching Sawyer Mill Blue Ticking Stripe bedskirt.

Superior Craftsmanship and Versatility: Crafted in India, the coverlet boasts an all-natural cotton composition and features a cotton batting fill, meticulously quilted with a distinctive channel stitching technique. Its lightweight comfort and versatile design render it suitable for year-round bedroom decor. While it offers warmth during winter months when paired with a comforter or duvet, it effortlessly transitions to the warmer seasons when utilized with a soft cotton sheet.

Exemplifying Farmhouse Elegance: Adhering to the core tenets of country-style living, the coverlet embraces the enduring and refined appeal of ticking stripes. The interplay of denim blue and soft white hues gracefully brings vintage aesthetics to contemporary spaces, making it a fitting choice for children's quarters and guest chambers alike. Its unobtrusive design ensures a tranquil and inviting atmosphere conducive to restful sleep.

Maintenance Made Simple: The practicality of machine washability underscores the coverlet's longevity and user-friendliness. A gentle cycle in the washing machine followed by prompt line drying maintains its quality. Post-drying, the option to iron the coverlet ensures its pristine presentation.

Cohesive Design Scheme: Envision a harmonious bedroom environment by pairing this vintage-style quilt with the comprehensive Sawyer Mill Ticking Stripe collection. From coordinated bedskirts and shams to pillowcases and accent pillows, every element converges to create a unified and polished aesthetic. Furthermore, the Sawyer Mill Blue tea towels and shower curtains facilitate a congruent design language in farmhouse-inspired bathrooms.

Technical Specifications:

  • Material: 100% Cotton Shell, Cotton Batting
  • Colors: Denim Blue, Soft White
  • Quilting Stitch: Channel
  • Dominant Color: Denim Blue
  • Secondary Color: Soft White
  • Care: Machine Wash, Line Dry, Iron Safe
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